Surface quantum efficiency degradation of

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The influence of O 2, CO 2, CO, N 2, H 2 and CH 4 on the stability of the quantum efficiency (QE) of a negative electron affinity gallium arsenide (GaAs) photocathode activated with caesium (Cs) and oxygen (O) has been demonstrated for the first time under an extremely high vacuum condition, a base pressure of × 10 −11 mbar, where the influence of the background gas is minimized.

Study of photo-degradation and mineralization of AB9 dye under TiO 2 /UV-A. Study of the sedimentability of synthesized TiO 2 by gravity-sedimentation. Stability evaluation of the TiO 2 samples through semi-continuous test. Quantum efficiency is the only observable to interpret accurately activity.

Perovskite solar cell

Nov 13,  · To date, direct characterization of quantum efficiency of plasmonic nanolasers is still a forbidden task due to its near-field surface plasmon emissions, divergent emission profile, and the.

The quantum efficiency is the ratio of the number of carriers that are collected by the solar cell to the number of photons incident on the solar cell and can be expressed as a. It is known that the potential induced degradation (PID) stress of conventional p-base solar cells affects power, shunt resistance, junction recombination, and quantum efficiency (QE).

Surface quantum efficiency degradation of
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