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Social enterprise

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A Catalyst for Commitment

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Leap business ventures evolved through a clue of funding. Abe’s Meats is a social enterprise on a mission to make high-quality religious foods more Tech for Literacy, Education and Accessibility BeeLine Reader is a tool making online reading faster, easier and more accessible.

Social Enterprise

Jun 07,  · Social enterprise Digital Article Sunil Suri Editor’s note: This post is one in an occasional series on Vijay Govindarajan’s and Christian Sarkar’s idea to create a scalable housing solution.

A collection of stories on the ways in which the Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI) has pioneered the use of innovative business practices and management frameworks to.

BREAKING DOWN 'Social Enterprise' The concept of a social enterprise was developed in the UK in the late s to counter the traditional commercial enterprise. The Social Enterprise Preference Program was designed to increase contracting opportunities for enterprises whose primary purpose is to enhance Los Angeles County through economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Social enterprises are revenue-generating businesses with a twist. Whether operated by a non-profit organization or by a for-profit company, a social enterprise has two goals: to achieve social, cultural, community economic and/or .

Social entreprise
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