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Glass Handel

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Central Johannesburg College is a public Further Education and Training College that offers a wide range of qualifications, from NQF Level 2 to NQF Level 4 – from National Technical Education (Nated) programmes to the new and exciting National Certificate Vocational [NC(V)] to Skills courses and Learnerships.

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Welcome to Whole Music, a community of music lovers! Are we the right music school for you? Whole Music is a full-service music studio offering lessons on a. Musical Theatre. Students will learn the joy of expressing themselves through acting, singing and dancing.

Matt brings a passion for teaching and a wealth of experience to Little Mission Studio. He attended the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, MD (), where he was in the Bachelor of Music program for clarinet in the studio of Steven Barta, the Bachelor of Music Education program, as well as a Minor in Piano Performance in the Studio of .

National music studio
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