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Rock magazine deconstructions

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Media Coursework- Music magazines

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Rock magazine brief

The typical features that ‘VIBE’ magazine have included in the magazine are Recurring segments include the back page list 20 Questions, the Boomshots column about reggae and Caribbean music by, Revolutions music reviews and Vibe Confidential, a celebrity gossip column.

Below is the final coursework check list. Use this list to make sure your blog is not missing any work for the final hand in date (28th April). GCSE Media Studies Coursework - Magazine research and planning 1. By Jasmine Aldridge 2. Vogue Pop Lucky Wonderland Seventeen Cosmopolitan ID W Glamour Allure V Elle Dazed & confused Teen vogue British vogue Instyle UK Paper Complex Look Nylon Bullett.

Bisma Akhtar AS Media Studies Coursework Print Production (Unit G) Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with. Here are the three pieces of coursework I do with my Year 10s for a one-year Media Course.

We do DVD Promotion, Music Videos and the final Magazine. If you're new to the course, you might find these useful.5/5(8). Existing Hip-Hop Music Magazine I am going to be researching a existing hip-hop music magazine.

The name of the existing music magazine is ‘VIBE’. The connotations of the magazine title ‘VIBE’ would be that it sets out that Rnb and hip-hop Aare. The magazine’s target audience is predominantly young, urban followers of hip-hop culture.

Media coursework music magazine
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AS Media Coursework: Music Magazine: