Eco atm

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Latest update: BDG 100: home race for ATM protagonists

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The power is pumped up over Kw and Nm! Oct 13,  · Live from CTIA PhoneArena presents a demonstration video of the EcoATM. For more information check our web page at ecoATM was acquired by Outerwall in ecoATM’s eCycling Stations automate the trade-in and buy-back process for mobile phones and other used consumer electronics, electronically and visually inspecting devices, administering promotions, and providing real-time incentives.


eFuel is an automated, card-free system, which uses FuelOmat technology to enable the fleet operator to purchase fuel and oil at a participating. Oct 11,  · A Spokane man availed himself of new technology in June allowing cellphone owners to recycle their old devices for cash at NorthTown Mall.

The problem? The phone wasn’t his to sell.

Eco atm
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